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Film production
What we have done

Video production for social media

This classic campaign film was created for social media as part of ADMire’s marketing campaign for one of their core services. The film is produced in different lengths for different platforms.

Drone video for Solar Caverion

This is an example of an explainer where we deliver a message in under 2 minutes using drone and regular video footage – with statements added for a personal touch.

Animated video for infographics

Packages aren’t just packages – especially those that aren’t packed correctly, as they cost extra to handle.

Explainer about Gisselfeld history

700 years of Danish history cooked down to two minutes. Watch a classic whiteboard animation about a classic tale of war, kings, counts and castles.

3 tips on environmentally hazardous substances

This animated explainer puts sound and vision to a series of great tips on how we can help our water environment by handling hazardous substances correctly.

Animation for Lille Vildmose

With animation and infographics, we take visual identity and communication of wildlife and advice to the next level.

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