Different styles

An animated film is a vibrant and dynamic way to communicate your message, product or organization. Even the most complex stories are made easier to understand and remember with animation.

But an animated film can take many different forms. What exactly should your style be? The colors, the characters and the story itself?

Of course, we’ll advise and help you find the style that suits your organization and your message. Below you can see some of the genres we typically work with.

Classic 2D style

Present your message in a positive way that is understandable and easy to remember.

2D is an obvious choice if you need to visualize your company’s brand, pitch or services, where the realism of the drawings can be toned down to focus on the clear message.

See some examples of our classic 2D style animation here

Cubist style

A different approach with skewed proportions

By turning down the realism and up the creative expression, your organization can appear fresh and colorful – without compromising on facts and substance.

See some examples of our cubist style animation here

Street art style

Choose a different use of animation for your organization

Some stories thrive on a more playful and alternative production that ensures the audience is sure to remember your video – and your message.

See some examples of our street art style animation here

Whiteboard style

The ideal way to communicate complex messages or products.

A whiteboard animation has become a classic when it comes to unfolding heavy narratives in an easy and understandable way that better retains attention.

See some examples of our whiteboard style animation here

Infographic style

Tell your story easily, quickly and effectively.

With infographics, you get a beautiful and engaging way to communicate information, explanations, knowledge and data that may otherwise be difficult to present in a vibrant way.

See some examples of our realistic style animation here

Mixed media style

Get the best of both worlds with mixed media.

By mixing live-action footage with graphic animation, your message can be told in a different and highly impactful way based on beautiful mood shots and in-depth graphics.

See some examples of our mixed media animation here

Not sure?

If you’re still in doubt about which style is right for your animated film, or if you just want to know more, you’re always welcome to write or call us. We’re happy to provide clarification and expertise.

Video at a great price
Examples of productions

Lille Vildmose Nature Foundation

An explainer video is a short video that explains a product, company or idea. In 1-2 minutes, the video takes the customer by the hand.

Explainer about Gisselfeld history

700 years of Danish history cooked down to two minutes. Watch a classic whiteboard animation about a classic tale of war, kings, counts and castles.

Drone footage in nature

Make the most of your surroundings and nature shots with drone footage that can truly capture beauty.