Highlight your business with a Profile Video

Here are 5 tips for a professional profile video that can help your business communicate your message and look more professional. Learn about audience, purpose, content, production and distribution in our handy guide here.



In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at how a promo video can help your business communicate your message and look professional.

A corporate video is a video tailored to describe your company’s profile, values, culture and performance in a visually engaging way. It’s a powerful way to present your business and can be a good investment to increase brand awareness and build trust with customers.

A profile video can be with or without voice-over, address the viewer directly or have one or more people talking over the images. There are many options, and together we will find the solution that best matches your business and your message.

A promo video can also help build your company’s credibility and trust by creating a personal connection between the company and the customer. It can showcase the uniqueness and authenticity of your company and team, giving the viewer a glimpse into the company’s history and why it exists.

A promo video is not a sales video about different products or services, but a piece of video content that shows the company in the best light and gives an understanding of what the company does and why. It’s important to keep this purpose in mind when planning and producing a promo video to achieve the desired result.

A good promo video can be a huge benefit to your business as it can increase engagement and interaction with your target audience, increase brand awareness and reach a wider audience. So if you want to appear professional and engaging to your audience, consider investing in a profile video. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create a professional and effective profile video.

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5 things to consider before creating a profile video

Target audience: It’s important to have a clear understanding of who your profile video should be aimed at. This will help you customize the content and tone of voice in the video to suit your target audience and the purpose of the video.

Purpose: What is the purpose of your profile video? Should it portray your company’s profile, values and culture? Should it introduce your team or present a specific product or service? Having a clear purpose will help you plan and produce the video to achieve your desired outcome.

Content: What should your profile video include? Should it have a voiceover or just be visual? Should it be an animation or live-action? How do you want to present your company and your message? Consider these questions when planning the content of your profile video.

Production: Should you hire a professional production company or make the video in-house? How much time and budget do you have available? Consider these factors when planning the production of your profile video to ensure a high-quality and professional presentation.

Distribution: How will you share your profile video? Should it be on your website, social media or used in sales and marketing materials? Consider how you want to distribute the video so you can measure its effectiveness and reach your desired audience.


Stagbird is your professional video maker. We can make sure your profile video is high quality and professional. Stagbird offers customized profile videos that are tailored to you, your wishes and messages. We act as a professional sounding board throughout the process to ensure the video fits your company’s brand and message.


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