Psychiatry in the Region of Southern Denmark

How do you inform your stakeholders accurately and at eye level? One obvious method is infographics, which add sound, images and movement to your messages.

Communicating with infographics

In this connection, Stagbird has helped the Psychiatry in the Region of Southern Denmark with a small infographic and information film aimed at the region’s therapists and psychiatric staff.

The purpose of the film is to explain what shared decision-making is, why the Region of Southern Denmark uses it, and why it is important that the patient is an expert on an equal footing with the therapist within Psychiatry.

In doing so, the infographic highlights the importance of shared decision-making and the beneficial effects it has for the patient, the practitioner and the psychiatric field.


Psychiatry in the Region of Southern Denmark

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2D animation

The shared decision-making infographic is a great example of how you can convey a message in a visually engaging and explanatory way that reaches the target audience and illustrates the messages. This type of communication can often hit the mark and stick in the audience’s memory more than written information materials.

2D Animation

Lively communication at eye level

The target group of the infographic for the Psychiatry in the Region of Southern Denmark is primarily staff and therapists. But it’s also important that patients and their families can see themselves in our infographics just as much. In this way, the communication must be down to earth and widely accessible without losing its professional basis.

Our shared decision-making infographic is made in 2D, using dynamic graphic zooming and small, smooth movements to add depth and life to the story. All at a calm pace that doesn’t interrupt the informative messages.

Sound, image, motion… Everything is important

The right background music is an important component of this, as it’s important that neither sound nor image drowns out the important messages and explanations.

We keep shapes and icons simple. The voiceover in the film is calm and pleasant, but with a tone that is recognizable to the target audience. Meanwhile, infographics continuously highlight the story’s important information, explanations and keywords.

Finally, we use coloring and fonts that reproduce the region’s own design guide. This means that the Region of Southern Denmark has a clear and recognizable identity that can be seen not only in this infographic, but also in their other communication.

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