FL Smidth needed an Explainer

With an explainer video, FLSmidth can communicate their message in a clear and simple way that is easy for the target audience to understand and remember. Explainer videos are particularly effective at explaining complex topics and processes, and they can also help make the message more relatable and understandable.

Explainer video

A good explainer video should have a clear structure and a good narrative that connects with the target audience. It’s important to choose the right type of animation or illustration to get the message across clearly.

FLSmidth has chosen to use 3D animation in their explainer video as it allows them to show complex processes and technologies in a visual way that is easier to understand for the target audience. It also allows you to show the processes from multiple angles, in-process.

By using an explainer video, FLSmidth can also tailor the video to their specific target audience, making the message easier to understand and relate to. It’s also important to have a clear call to action in the video so that the target audience knows what to do after watching the video.

A good explainer video can also be used on multiple platforms, such as websites, social media and trade shows. This allows you to reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness.

All in all, an explainer video is a powerful method for communicating complex topics and processes in a recipient-friendly way. It’s a great way for FLSmidth to tell their story and communicate their message to their target audience. It can help create clearer images in the recipient’s mind and increase brand awareness. Learn more about explainer video here.


FL Smidth

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FL Smidht explainer video

FL Smidth explainer video

This explainer film for FLSmidt combines classic whiteboard animation, where we draw as we tell the story, with the digital addition of both color and movement in the illustrations for an extra touch.

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