Media package for Digital Group

Digital Group wanted to elevate their website to make it stand out. Our solution is the large media package. Here we cover all the company’s visual communication needs.

One supplier, one design, one look!

Having only one supplier in this area is a great advantage for the customer, as it saves them a lot of coordination and misunderstandings between multiple players. Instead, a dedicated and professional team from Stagird takes care of communicating the Digital Group’s DNA in a thorough and efficient manner.

To the right you can see our profile film for Digital Group, and below you can see 3 explainer films about their products.


Digital Group

We have delivered

  • 1 profile film
  • 1 drone recording
  • 1 Header movie that runs at the top of the customer’s website
  • 3 infographics about the customer’s product and solutions for social media and other platforms
  • Portrait photos of all employees

Profilfilm Digital Group

Video from the campaign

Digital Group GDPR module

In this animated explainer, we follow the story of an employee who is offered help to manage GDPR regulations in the company.

Digital Group NemToner

This explainer uses a mix of whiteboard animation and graphic animation to present Digital Group’s NemToner solution to businesses.

Digital Group branding film

We used graphic animation to create this branding film that presents Digital Group as a company and concept in less than a minute.

Let us draw the lines for your next campaign

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