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A professional video production can make a big difference for an organization like Smag for Livet. The message of foraging in nature is communicated in a visually attractive and credible way, increasing interest, visibility and recognizability.

Professional video production

Good video production requires the right experience and expertise to turn it into quality content that converts. The narrative must be in line with the organization’s goals and message, and the production itself must be handled with the right tools and technologies to shoot and edit the video professionally.

As a video producer, we have many years of experience in creating professional video productions that can help increase brand and message visibility through vibrant and beautiful films that capture and engage the target audience. We use a model that helps build a narrative to get the message across and change the target audience’s behavioral patterns so they want to forage and use herbs in cooking.

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Taste for Life

We have delivered

  • 3 video productions
Visual and tangible communication
Video from the campaign

Edible flowers

How to collect the city’s edible herbs.

Edible plants in the forest

How to collect edible herbs from the forest.

Edible plants by the beach

How to collect edible herbs from the beach.

Graphics and animation

As professional video producers, we use a wide range of tools. Here are some of them:

Creativity: The ability to come up with new and innovative ideas and create unique and engaging content.

Technical expertise: We have a good understanding of film technology and know how to use cameras, lighting, sound, editing, etc. to create professional content.

Storytelling: We have years of experience in creating stories that capture the attention of the target audience and deliver the message effectively.

Collaborative skills: We are good at advising and collaborating with customers, employees and other stakeholders to ensure the project is completed satisfactorily.

Flexibility: We are able to adapt to changes and challenges that arise during the project.

Listening to the customer: We’re great at listening to your needs and understanding your video production goals, so we can tailor content to suit your specific needs.

Presentation skills: We take pride in presenting our ideas in a clear and compelling way that is easy for you to understand and work with. Feel free to test us out.

Communication skills: We emphasize clear and concise communication throughout the process, so we constantly align expectations and work together to create your story.

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