Video documentary of art project

At Stagbird, we love to take on video projects that are a little different and quirky. The ones that are a little more unpredictable, loose and rock n’ roll.

That’s why we immediately said “yes please!” when we were invited last summer to make a video documentary of a group of creative enthusiasts and their crazy project of building a 6 meter tall equestrian statue in Rudme in just 36 hours.

As the video documentary (you can watch it above) reveals, designing, coordinating and building the statue on such a tight deadline was no easy task. Even though the close-knit group of artistic hunters kept their spirits high in the sun.

Why video documentary?

But the project succeeded (spoiler alert!) and the result was a huge success. But why video document it?

Any challenge with a strict deadline and defined rules is exciting in itself. It makes for a drama, and we can’t help but follow the story to see if it succeeds.

It’s an exciting premise for any video production.

But the documentation aspect is also particularly relevant. The project was supported by sponsors, who get visibility – and promotion – through video documentation. This is not insignificant, as the project was intended to be a local attraction that could create unity and activity in the local area.

Video documentary: For both sponsors and artists

Both sponsors and artists can use the video to showcase the work process and, of course, the final result. The production quality obviously adds an extra touch, and the documentary angle, where we follow the making of the film over 36 hours, works a bit like a TV report or a short documentary.

A passion project

For Stagbird, the project was great to be a part of. We followed the creative team’s work from start to finish and were an integral part of the artistic community that ended up producing the giant horse of all giants. And it was a huge pleasure!

The degree of freedom in such a project is high. There are high ceilings and we get to play with both the drone and various technical effects such as tempo, lighting, soundtrack, etc.

Do you have a personal or professional project that deserves video documentation? Then don’t hesitate to contact Stagbird. We are happy to discuss your project, wishes and needs.