What are cover images in a video production?

Interviews, expert opinions and a well-prepared speech that accurately and invitingly presents the company, service or product. All of which can be important components of an impactful video production.

But one thing is the message we as a sender want to convey. Quite another is the visual experience the audience gets when they play the movie.

This is where all the sales pitches and good arguments in the world can fall short if we fail to hold the attention and stimulate the eye’s need for both variety and aesthetics.

That’s why we use tire images.

What are tire images?

Cover photos are mood shots that mask jumps in time. We often see them used in TV news and documentaries, where the cover images are shown during the narration to illustrate what is being said.

The audio from the voiceover or interview continues in the background, but instead we see images that capture the mood or theme being spoken about.

For example, in a product presentation, we’ll cut to silent footage of the product itself – how it looks, how to use it, etc. while the audio side continues to talk up the product. It’s also very popular to use drone video for tire shots.

Similarly, we strengthen the visual expression of a movie about young people’s habits by actually showing young people in specific situations instead of just presenting facts and information.

How do we find the right tire images?

But how do we know what to shoot for tire shots?

A good idea is to gather inspiration from stock photos. Here we can search for the mood and situation we want to capture with the right shots and footage, and we can collect a handful of stock photos in an idea folder.

The idea folder makes it easier to remember which angles and approaches to keep in mind when shooting so that our movies come to life as vividly as possible.

Once we start shooting the subjects we want for cover photos, it’s important that we take our time and get plenty of shots in the box. This means we use different angles and cross-cuts, so we have plenty to choose from when editing the movie together. This way we achieve a dynamic video with beautiful and evocative images

If you have any questions about tire photos – or about video and recordings in general – you are of course always welcome to write or call.