What is Tilt-shift video (aka thumbnail effect)?

When shooting drone videos, it can sometimes be difficult to avoid a repetitive look. Therefore, it’s important to create variety, and one of the ways to do this is by using tilt-shift technology.



Tilt-shift is a visual technique where you blur the top and bottom of your frame in a long shot, creating a miniature effect. The technique can be used to add variety to a drone video and can also be interesting for people who are not particularly interested in drones, as it can be fascinating in itself to see how cities and buildings look in miniature.

To make a tilt-shift video, you need to find a good location with a lot of activity, such as a construction site, a harbor or a good spot in the city. You don’t need to fly over people, as you can always find a quiet place for the drone to work in peace and quiet. Then let the drone film for 5 to 30 minutes.

When you’re done filming, you can use video editing software such as Premiere Pro or After Effects to blur the top and bottom of your footage. You can also adjust colors and contrasts to make the effect more distinct. Finally, you can add music and sound effects to support the experience.



A tilt-shift video can provide a dreamy effect and can be used as a kind of “breaker” in a video production, creating a certain unpredictability and variety.


What exactly is a Tilt-shift video?

Tilt-shift video is a video production technique that uses a special lens or software to create the illusion that real footage of a large scene is shot in miniature. We most often use drones to solve these tasks. Find out more about https://stagbird.dk/dronevideo/

This technique usually uses a combination of tilt and shift functions on a specialized lens to adjust the depth of field and perspective of a scene. It can also be achieved with software or post-processing techniques that can use mathematical models to mimic the same effect. At Stagbird, we use software for our tilt-shift productions.

When the tilt-shift lens or software is used correctly, it causes areas of the image to become blurred while other parts remain sharp. This effect can make large landscapes and city scenes look like miniature versions, as it creates the illusion that the image was taken by a small model.

Tilt-shift videos are often used to create visually interesting and engaging videos that can be used for advertising, film and documentary productions.

If you want to learn more about how tilt-shift technology can improve your video productions, our Stagbird phone is always on.